Hot on the heels of The Pentology (sic) comes the ANTI-MUSIC COLLECTIVE's first music video:

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"The ANTI-MUSIC COLLECTIVE presents The Pentalogy."

Those seven simple words, whispered by a dying Chinese sage with his final breath, marked a new epoch in music.

The long awaited ANTI-MUSIC EP (download), already informally known as The Pentalogy, is the most complete realization of ANTI-MUSIC yet recorded. With its release, the final triumph of ANTI-MUSIC is complete.

After months of work the COLLECTIVE has chosen 6 tracks to represent the ANTI-MUSIC community; the ANTI-MUSIC truth. Doc Azzacov, Sjön, Daffodil Lament, Sorry I Broke Your Sceptre, Ludwig Van and Stravagante contribute songs, while several members of the COLLECTIVE were also brought together to form an Interlude Crew, who's duty it was to lend a feeling of cohesion and calm to the often dissonant EP.

Although unused on the EP, a new song by Heroes that Hurt has also been added to their page. It chronicles the pain and despair of the criminaly insane, imprisoned within Arkham Asylum.

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, the Collective is hard at work on the new EP.

Here is a taste: POW POW POW

ANTI-MUSIC has been described recently by 3 different people as:

1) the new punk
2) the next big thing
3) the worst thing to happen to you since fish-hooks in the eyes.

They're all right!

A few weeks ago we were contacted by somebody claiming to have an ANTI-MUSIC COLLECTIVE COVERBAND. We didn't believe it at first until they sent pictures. (I don't know how I missed that show, I heard it was amazing. - ed.)

Their site was originally on geocities but we've decided to host it because it's hilarious.

After a long period of no updates, here comes a short paragraph OF UPDATES! Our Live in the Lobby on 90.5 wuog Athens has finally been uploaded. You will notice that one song is missing. That's because it was a complete disaster that is not to be spoken of.

In addition to Take it to the Moon, who appear on the Live in the Lobby, we have yet another new member of the ANTI-MUSIC COLLECTIVE. Doc Azzacov enters the arena with their song La Fuga.

It's been a while since an update but I have exciting news. Rechenmaschine and Professor Booty and the Backup Band both had songs selected to be on an OpSound sampler disc and will also be featured as part of the Creative Commons Copy-Me Remix-Me CD series. OW!

I know it's old by now, but we just got a song off the Excelsior limited release LP Blood Red Gauntlet up. Hopefully I'll be able to add more songs some time soon.

The New New have released a new track called rock the denouement and it's out of control. listen to it now.

alot of time has been spent getting songs ready for the website. there should be lots of new music very soon. in the meantime, download anti-music sampler vol. 1

the faq was just put up. if you have any questions you would like to add, please email us.

we also added our first pirate rock band, professor booty and the backup band. YAR!

blood puppy, daffodil lament and the new new were just added to the site. i'm really digging the new new.

anti-music.com documents the athens music scene of the same name. We're just getting set up and the first bunch of songs are being uploaded and should be availible shortly

Blood Puppy
Daffodil Lament
Doc Azzacov
Domino Kill
Heroes That Hurt
Ludwig Van
The Monotones UK
The New New
Professor Booty and the Backup Band
Something Holy
Sorry I Broke Your Sceptre
Take it to the Moon
The System Fucked My Parents

Live in the Lobby - 90.5 wuog Athens

ANTI-MUSIC Sampler Volume 2
ANTI-MUSIC Sampler Volume 1
Unreleased Cuts and B-Sides

Download the ANTI-MUSIC EP
Download ANTI-MUSIC live in the lobby 90.5fm
Download ANTI-MUSIC Sampler Vol. II
Download ANTI-MUSIC Sampler Vol.I



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