Old people in a cemetery, the lonely wail of an ambulance in the night going to pick up the shattered remains of someone’s broken life, the empty feeling in your gut the morning your goldfish Stewie died…Blood Puppy capture all of the world’s mourn, despair, and general unpleasantness and condense them into concentrated pain.

Evoking the best of Joy Division and combining it with the industrial white noise of Einstürzende Neubauten, Blood Puppy has taken Goth music to a previously unimaginably nihilistic and self indulgent high…anti-Goth.

So, whether you’re looking for something to be sad about in your otherwise happy go lucky life or you’re trying to pick up that cutie at the coffee shop who’s always reading Camus, then Blood Puppy’s dystopian magnum opus Crumbling Beauty is essential listening.

  1. Bleeding when no one hurt you
  2. Kitten hand grenade
  3. L'abattage de notre pureté