Formed on the coast of the baltic sea, nestled in the outskirts of isolated kaliningrad, domino kill signaled the phase of a new musical era. Combining aspects of german dadaism with russian revolts,  Domino Kill has collected a large cult following in part due to their hypnotic tones, but mostly due to the their mystical presence. It has been said that once one has attended a Domino Kill show, his life begins a pleasant descent from which he can never recover.

The members, Hache Moulin on guitar, Majestueux Auteur on keys, and Étonnant Lugnt on kazoo, joined because of their love for everything brooding, haunting, and repetitively nauseating. Also, they all were big fans of Edward Alexander Crowley's work 777 and other Qabalistic writings.

Along with blood puppy, Daffodil Lament, and Doc Azzacov, Domino Kill completes the dark but unresistible underbelly of anti-music.

The track featured here is a live cut from domino kills (in)famous pan-european tour. The stage is the crowded Fromme Debütantin coffee house, and Hache Moulin has made controversial statements about the german chancellor earlier in the evening...

  1. My Poor Misshapen Head