Rocking like a stampede of yeti, the irreverent Excelsior (Sjön and M.P.) play songs about manhood, manliness, darkness, violence, hookers, and just plain being tough.

Despised by critics, their first album Blood Red Gauntlet gained a cult following through it's use of different time signatures for each instrument and bizarre, somewhat jarring, breakdowns. Their popularity was at a fever pitch the summer of 2001 when they were performing around Athens almost weekly. Unfortunately the band broke up shortly after when, as is so often the case, a woman came between the band, and Sjön moved to Canada.

M.P. and Sjön haven't spoken since.

  1. I Ate That Motherfucker!
  2. Black
  3. Shit Yeah!
  4. Back Alley Brawl
  5. Hookers
  6. Fuck Yeah!
  7. The Fruit of Our Loins