Said Mikey Ikey at a Las Vegas performance in '92:
"There once was a piano-man who knew nothing but pop. Then there was his guitar antithesis, and together they became something delicious, something fantastic... SOMETHING HOLY. The spawn of everybody's favorite chord progression, these men set forth and created the epitome of pop - and their debut album, What's after Platinum, was certified platinum 107 times.

They have no influences, being influences themselves, although the mastermind behind the beautiful guitar admits that Ronald MacDonald (sic) might have something to do with it. The pair never wrote a song before Gotta Get Out of Here (the Hot Licks) and never wrote another. That made the fact that people purchased 107 million copies of a one song single even more impressive... Regardless- Something Holy will kick your ass today and tomorrow the very same way they did twenty five years ago.

. . . Mikey had been touring Vegas casinos with studio guitarists until February 14th, 1994 when he was found dead, apparently of a cocaine overdose.

Bug GOD do they fucking rock!

  1. Gotta Get Out of Here (the Hotlicks)
  2. I Tried (So Many Times)
  3. Neon Transitions